Who Are We?


Our shop is basically divided into four areas of operations. They are Storage and Disassembly, Repair and Refinishing, Action Refurbishment, and Final Assembly, which includes Assembly, Stringing, Regulation, and Tuning.

Our normal staff consists of three people plus our always helpful apprentices. There are times that we are forced to employ other people but that is not the normal situation.

Our people have areas of expertise that they are responsible for, but, being a small facility, everybody has to help out at times in each other's area. We try to maintain a "family" atmosphere.

Shown below are photos of our staff at work. They are great people to work with.

Of Course There's Me


Here's Debbie, Hard At Work On One Of Her Refinishing Jobs

Debbie Preparing A Grand Case For Repair

Debbie & Lindsey Removing A DeKalb Plate

Here's Lindsey Working On One Of Her Player Valve Decks

Dustin Removing Tuning Pins OnKnabe Grand


Jasper- The Apprentice- Installing Keys in Aeolian Player Upright


Shiloh - Removing Old Punchings From Table