Weber Grand Piano, S/N 74282

Circa 1917

Weber & Company was Established in 1852 by Albert Weber, on White Street in New York City. Later the company moved to Broome and Crosbyin in New York City. In 1869 Weber opened ware-rooms at 5th Avenue and 16th Street. In 1903 Weber became part of the Aeolian Corporation of East Rochester, New York and formed the Aeolian Weber Piano & Pianola Company. AeolianWeber had factories at Worchester, Mass., Meriden, Conn., New York City, and Garwood, New Jersey. The Weber & Company name was purchased by Young Chang in 1986. Young Chang sold the name to Samsung in 1987 and continued to build pianos for them. Weber Piano Company had offices at 40-50 Seaview Drive in Secaucus, New Jersey. Pianos have been made in Seoul Korea since 1986.

This particular instrument had once been a Duo-Art Reproducing Grand. Reproducers were very complex player pianos that had many extra internal controls so that the piano could emulate the nuances of the artist.

The Duo-Art mechanism on this piano had been partially removed and possibly misplaced along the way in its life. Also, the entire front key slip was missing. This part once was hinged so as to allow access to the player controls. The owner wanted this fine piano to once again be able to self play with the same or better precision that the original Duo-Art was capable of producing. We and the owner decided to install a Pianomation playing system into this piano.

The restoration would require that we finish removing the balance of the old Duo-Art components. Following the removal of the components, the piano would then be completely disassembled and modified to accept the new player system. A new key slip had to be fabricated to blend in with the balance of the keybed and piano front sides. Once that was done, all components of the piano would be refurbished, refinished, re-strung, and reassembled with the Pianomation installed. The process would indeed be complex.

Below, we have included some "before" photographs to give you an idea of what the instrument looked like when we received it at our shop.

Front Showing Missing Part

Beginning Disassembly


Old Strings & Aliquots

Ready To Remove Action

Removing The Plate

Plate Removed

Broken & Dirty Whippen Assys.

Soundboard Before Repair

Interior Mold & Debris