George Steck & Co. Square Grand Piano

S/N 11753, Circa 1883


George Steck & Co. was established in 1857, by George Steck, at 650 E. 132nd St., New York. Later affiliated with Aeolian and Weber Piano Co. In 1904 they became known as Aeolian Weber adn Pianola Co., and were affiliated with Aeolian American Co. They became a part of Mason & Hamlin Corp. before they stopped production in 1994.

This George Steck Square Grand Piano is classic of the Victorian Square Grand style. What makes this particular instrument special is a very unique gold-on-gold design of spirals and curlicues across almost every visible surface of its plate, which we were obligated to recreate during its refurbishment. Its case, though darkened with age, is Rosewood.



Darkened & Damaged Finish




Original Decals



Decorative PlateWith Gold Detailing


Unique Repeated Designs On Plate



More Gold-On-Gold Designs On Damper Rail



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