Ellington Upright Grand Piano With Pianomation

S/N 12013, Circa 1903


Ellington Piano Co. was established in 1893. It was controlled by the Baldwin Piano Co. and was discontinued about 1930. Gibson Guitars acquired the Ellington name in 2001 when they purchased the Baldwin name.

This Ellington Upright Piano is a fine example of a Late Victorian Art Case piano. It has a wonderfully rich Quarter-Sawn Oak veneer and a beautiful beaded trim around the lid, matching the design around the table. The owners had us install a wireless remote Pianomation system along with its restoration.

The following photographs show the piano before we initiated refurbishment.


Ellington Upright Grand Upon Receipt


Beautiful Carved Front Panel

Evaluating the Action


Rusted Tuning Pins


Badly Rusted Strings & Missing Felt

Worn Pedals & Pedal Plate


Measuring Decal For Replacement


Checking the Casters

Measuring Inside For Pianomation



Click Here for Photos During Restoration