DeKalb Mini Grand

During Restoration


We discovered a beautiful striated African Mahogany veneer underneath the old finish. The Recordo Player, made by Wurlitzer and Simplex, was also completely refurbished during this restoration. A Recordo, although it had a limited range of expressions, was a type of piano that was designed with a limited capacity to reproduce the artist's original intensitiy of expression.



Lifting Out the Plate




Bottom of the Plate- Removing Bushings


Lid After Stripping


Action Ready for Work



Hanging New Hammers


Parts After Staining


Refinishing the Case



Refinished Legs - Awaiting Final Rub



Plate Re-installed


Wurlitzer Lock & Cancel Valves



Simplex Unit Block Pneumatics


Pump Assembly Components


Inside the Air Motor Govenor



Simplex Stack Complete & Re-installed


Restringing and Repinning the Harp



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