Restoration of a Dagmar "Cottage" Grand Piano

This Instrument Was Restored After Being Purchased In England and Returned to America For Restoration

The Dagmar was sold in England as a premier instrument. The piano name "Dagmar" has connections with the Royal Family - the sister of Queen Alexandra. From our investigations and by the hand written information we found inside of the instrument during disassembly, we reasonably assume that the piano was made during or shortly after World War I. The action used in the piano, as shown above, also confirms our time frame.

We acquired this instrument from a young Air Force Family that had previously been stationed in England. They had purchased the instrument in London, planning to bring the instrument back to the United States and have it restored. Because of several family situations, they found that the restoration was beyond their means and contacted us to find a home for this piano. The one stipulation that they had was that we would restore the instrument.

We did just that. The piano was completely disassembled. The soundboard and bearing was corrected. The plate was recoated. A new pinplank was fabricated. New strings and pins were installed. The action was completely refurbished incorporating new custom made hammer heads. The case was stripped, sanded, stained, filled, and finished to the original color and patina. Photographs were taken during all of the refurbishment.

In addition, a Pianomation system with accompaniment was added.

The playing and sound are just wonderful. The size of the grand makes this instrument fit into the modern size home very well.

We think that this great instrument is worthy of our praise.


Completed Instrument


Interior Completion



Action Before Refurbishment


Soundboard Repair In Process

Action Maker Stamp