Chickering Grand, Model "145", S/N 160575

With Pianomation

Circa 1936


Chickering is one of the oldest names in piano manufacturing. The company was founded in 1823 by Jonas Chickering and James Stewart. The name for a short time was Stewart & Chickering. In 1852 Jonas brought his three sons, C. Frank, Thomas E, and George H. into the company. The name was then changed to Chickering & Sons. Thomas took control after Jonas died in 1853. The sons continued to run the company until the firm was bought by American Piano Company in 1908. The company continued to manufacture quality instruments throughout the depression years and after WWII. Following the war the company was sold to various other makers until finally the East Rochester plant was closed on 7/22/82.

Here are the photos of the restoration of the Chickering Grand Piano, Model "145". Note the richness of the Striated Mahogany grain. The Model "145" is said to be one of the finest pianos that have been made. The richness of tone and the touch are excellent. This was a perfect piano for "Pianomation".


Before Refinishing




Being Disassembled



Removing The Plate Screws


Removing The Plate



Refinishing The Plate



Repairing The Soundboard




Stripping The Case



Stripping Damper Heads



Staining Parts



Applying Lacquer Coats



Installing The Plate



Action Assembled




Cutting Slot For Pianomation



Installing Pianomation Components



Pianomation Installation Complete



Side View - Finished




Front View - Finished