Broadwood Grand Piano

With Murals

S/N 16063

Circa 1840



Broadwood was established in 1728 in London, England.

John Broadwood worked in the shop of James Shudi. John married Shudi's daughter and the name was changed to Shudi & Broadwood. In 1795 John's son, James, entered the business and the name was changed to Broadwood & Son. In 1808 the name was changed to John Broadwood & Sons. They made many types of pianos including Square Grands, Cabinet Pianos, Cottages Pianos, and Grand Pianos. The last square grand was made in 1866 and the last Cabinet was made in 1854.

John Broadwood and Sons still owned the company but later instruments were made under license by Whelpdale, Maxwell, & Codd Ltd.

Whelpdale, Maxwell & Codd, Ltd. entered into receivership and the company was liquidated in April of 2003.

This particular instrument has Victorian murals painted over most of the piano. All of this work was hand drawn and depicted portraits with flourishes. A very ornate sight to behold.

The owner of this instrument asked that a Pianomation unit be installed in the piano in such a way that the unit was not noticeably visible. This was a very tough task but the end product is wonderful.

To play this aged and delicate piano and at the same time be able to sit back and have the instrument play itself is a very delightful treat indeed!